Traditional estate sales are typically conducted by a company who usually holds a sales event at the residence where the items are. This process can take weeks, as all items are inventoried and advertised to the buying public.

Items sold at the very beginning of the sale are usually priced at a premium, though percentage-off pricing usually follows thereafter. After the estate sale ends, you may also have a number of items that did not sell, and must continue to advertise and sell on your own.

When it comes to estate buyers in St. Louis, Crestwood Coin & Jewelry has a much better way to sell your estate sterling silver flatware and serving sets, jewelry like precious and semi-precious rings, earrings and necklaces, fine watches, coin collections, gold and silver coins and bullion, and more.


We Buy All:

Estate Jewelry like Diamond Rings, Engagement Rings, Precious Stone Rings, Necklaces, Earrings, Bracelets and Other Fine Jewelry; All Platinum, Gold and Silver Jewelry

Estate Sterling Silver Flatware, Serving Sets and Other Sterling Items

Fine and Antique Watches

Inherited Coin Collections

Gold and Silver Coins and Bullion

When you bring your estate jewelry, sterling silver item and coins to us, we will take the time to fully inspect and place a true market value for each individual piece. At Crestwood Coin & Jewelry you can sell all of your items in one simple transaction, to the most trusted and reputable buyer in St. Louis, and leave with cash in hand for your estate items. And this allows you to avoid the high fees charged by estate sale management companies.

Please give us a call for our store hours and to schedule the best time to bring your estate jewelry and other items to us, and we will make you a fair, market-driven cash offer on the spot.

We work with a wide variety of individuals and representatives in estate purchase, including not only heirs but also trust attorneys, fiduciaries, realtors and retirement communities.

In addition to inherited estate jewelry, estate sterling silver and flatware, coin collections and other items, we also work with many other individuals to purchase their pieces being sold for the purpose of downsizing, moving, divorce or any other unique financial needs and circumstances.

No matter your need to sell your jewelry and other fine items, at Crestwood Coin & Jewelers we are ready to make you a on the spot, fair value cash offer for your valuables, from one of the most reputable buyers estate jewelry buyers in St. Louis and throughout the entire region.

At Crestwood Coin & Jewelers we are your estate buying experts! Contact us today at (314) 821-7878 or stop by our shop to learn more about the convenience of selling your estate jewelry and other valuables at the most competitive offers with us.

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