Rare coinSince 1994, Crestwood Coin & Jewelers has become one of the largest and most respected buyer and seller of rare coins and collectibles in the St. Louis metropolitan area.

We buy and sell all types of rare U.S. coinage, pre-1965 (90% Silver) U.S. coins, precious metal coins, mint sets of any type, commemoratives, and more. We also buy and sell rare paper currency from the U.S. and the world.

For those looking to sell one coin, or a whole collection, stop in today for an honest, fair market value appraisal of your pieces. Our philosophy is based on repeat business and referral business, and we will always be completely upfront, transparent and fair in our assessment of your coinage and other rare pieces.

We Buy and Sell All:

  • Rare and Collectible U.S. Coinage
  • U.S. Silver Dollars
  • Pre-1965 (90% Silver) U.S. Coins
  • Prestige, Proof, Legacy and Special Mint Sets
  • Rare Foreign Coins
  • All Gold and Silver Coins
  • Graded Coins – PCGS, NGC, CAC among others
  • Rare and Modern Commemoratives
  • Precious Metals Rounds and Bullion – Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium
  • All Rare U.S. and World Paper Currency
  • Ancient Coins

Buying or selling, you will find that our knowledgeable, friendly staff is here to answer all your questions about the current market values – in precious metal content or collectible value – of any rare coins and paper currency pieces.

When purchasing you’ll find our pricing to the best that you’ll find anywhere. In addition to our everyday large and diverse inventory of collectible coins at Crestwood Coin and Jewelers, we can also help you track down unique and rare coinage to complete your collection – all at very competitive prices.

And when it’s time to sell, you can be assured that we will always make a fair assessment of the value of your items, and make a straight forward cash offer for your pieces.

We’re open 6 days a week for your convenience and accept all major credit cards including debit cards.  Whatever your collection, you’re sure to find something unique at our shop.

Please contact Crestwood Coin and Jewelers today at (314) 821-7878 to learn more, or stop by the shop to see our inventory or collectible and precious metal coins today.

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